Suzhal: The Vortex Af Somali: Season 1

Jun. 17, 2022
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Suzhal – The Vortex is a crime thriller that goes beyond the routine investigation and threatens to shake up the cultural societal fabric, when a crime hits a small town in India. Set against the backdrop of an unique micro-festival, ancient myths collide with the troubling present as we are drawn into the eye of the storm.

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  • SulaymaanJuly 4, 2022Reply

    Fanproj maxa damc santihiin musalsaldkii way dhamadeen wax qashin ah ba kenysan plse Godka soo galiya✍

  • AbdiaziizJuly 12, 2022Reply

    Nice movie

  • Najiib maxamadJuly 22, 2022Reply


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